How to host a memorable in store Christmas event

Kick off this holiday season with a sparkly fun event. Start your planning early and make it big.

Treat your guests to special event only discounts, draws, giveaways or goody bags. Have food and drinks, good music, make it enjoyable and personal. Turn it into a unique event, more than a Christmas party, it could have a theme that will resonate with your customers, and could be based around the products you sell, your location for example.

Pace out the activities you’re planning throughout the evening so your guests spend longer at the party and in your store, the longer they stay the more they will buy. You could have a draw every half hour for prizes or instore coupons.

Your guest list should include your best customers from the year before, that frequent your store, and your biggest spenders. Make them feel special by personally addressing your invitations, and request an RSVP. Allow them to bring a friend or family member with them, they’re more likely to go if they know somebody besides you to chat with, it will also expand your list of good customers in the year to come.

Hold your Christmas event annually, it will become a tradition that your customers look forward to every year. Like other events you host throughout the year, write down of all the plans you’ve made, to know what promotions and activities were fun and successful, also what didn’t work out how you expected, or what was too costly for the extra sales generated.

Hosting a holiday party at the beginning of the season invites your best customers a focus on your business when they are ready to do some serious shopping, so give it a go, have some fun with it, and you and your customers will be looking forward to next year.

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