How to open a Facebook store: a step by step guide

Facebook is a great place to communicate with your clients, advertise, organize events and spread awareness of your company. As part of your wider marketing strategy, your business is probably already an active Facebook user, taking advantage of the momentum of your shared posts to your targeted audience, enhancing the your relationship with your clients . Recently they’ve added a feature that allows you to set up shop right there on your page.

The initial set up is a bit technical, but luckily there’s an App for that 😉 There are many e-commerce applications to choose from that make it easy to build your own store that you can then sync Facebook. So how does that work?

It’s easier than you think:

  • You will need to use your business’ Facebook Page, not your personal account. If you don’t have one, set this up first. Go to Facebook for more information. When you link your shopping App to your Facebook page, your new shop will automatically show on your page as a new tab.


  • Pick a shopping application. Fortunately there are many out there, they have a wide range of features, and are mostly mobile friendly. Almost all e-commerce store builders have a core model that can include more side applications as your business expands, meaning you can start with a simpler, less expensive platform to begin with. Right now the most popular is Shopify, but there are many to choose from to specifically meet your needs. Here’s a good comparison chart of differing e-commerce store builders by Website Builder Expert. These 5 store builders aren’t the only ones, but can give you an idea of features that could be useful for your business to run smoother online.


  • After you’ve initially set up your shop using one of the shop builders, there will be an extension App that will allow you to link with Facebook. Any changes you make in your store will automatically show up in your Facebook shop. Likewise any new items you list for sale will be uploaded onto Facebook as well.


Setting up a Facebook store is much easier if you first choose a shopping application. Ecommerce store developers are user friendly, have loads of features to reflect your business’s needs and personality, and when you update your new store the changes happen automatically in your Facebook shop. It means you will not only have your new Facebook shop, but come out with a personalized professional looking online store.

Take your social media presence to the next level – Facebook now is more than marketing and promotions, it’s now a platform for direct sales. Take advantage of the Facebook community you’ve grown and continue promoting your brand in this new dimension of direct sales.

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