Reinventing Black Friday No longer the biggest shopping day of the year?

Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, the Friday between Thanksgiving and the weekend in the US – when shoppers start looking towards the month ahead – getting a jump start on Christmas shopping. It is also called Black Friday because not coincidentally it is also traditionally the day that retailers start turning a profit for the year.

For the past 10 years, Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year, more recently though this has been slowly changing. In order to take the pressure off the one big day retailers have started opening up earlier and earlier, from 6 in the morning on Friday, to 4 to 12 midnight. The last year or two saw many big stores open on Thanksgiving itself, or stay open later through the night into Saturday.

As the hours of Black Friday became longer, and with more people avoiding the crowds, and shopping online, it is projected that this year it will lose it’s ranking as America’s number one shopping day.

Black Friday 2016

According to RetailNext, these will be the biggest shopping days this year:

Top 10 biggest shopping days (sales):

  1. Friday, December 23
  2. Super Saturday, December 17
  3. Black Friday, November 25
  4. Thursday, December 22
  5. Wednesday, December 21
  6. Sunday, December 18
  7. Saturday, December 24
  8. Saturday, December 10
  9. Friday, December 16
  10. Saturday, December 3

Top 10 busiest shopping days (shopper visits):

  1. Super Saturday, December 17
  2. Black Friday, November 25
  3. Friday, December 23
  4. Saturday, December 10
  5. Monday, December 26
  6. Sunday, December 18
  7. Saturday, December 24
  8. Thursday, December 22
  9. Wednesday, December 21
  10. Saturday, December 3


As a retailer what should you do?

It may not be THE biggest shopping day, but it’s still in the top 3, so take advantage of the crowds! Make it your own special event, advertise discounts and promotions. But without the emphasis on the day of Black Friday itself, make it a weekend event, or even have a ‘Black Friday Week’ to kick off the busiest shopping season of the year. Like always, don’t forget your online presence – after Black Friday is Cyber Monday, so if you have an online shop, make sure your promotions are just as available there as well.

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