Turn your holiday shoppers into repeat customers in 3 ways

The Holidays are a great time to show new customers who you are and what you’re capable of as a business. We’ve discussed in an earlier blog about maintaining your level of customer service during the holiday rush, and this is important because the goal is to make those first time buyers into returning loyal customers.

It’s easy for a one time Christmas shopper to forget your store, so you have to be proactive in reaching out after the holidays. These methods aren’t expensive; it’s about continuing the conversation with your new customers.

Add new customers to a mailing list. This magical mailing list can be email, social media alerts, text messages etc., but to have all your customers in a few places where you can send information on promotions, new stock arrivals or special events.

How do you entice your new shopper to give you their contact information or follow you on social media?

Email addresses: One idea is to hold a holiday draw. Each customer gets a form to fill out with their email to enter a draw for a prize. Another way is to offer a discount on their purchase if they sign up to a loyalty program.

Use this mailing list to introduce yourself, your company’s history and the vision of your brand. Open with saying ‘I’m so happy we’ve met! In case you didn’t know we… :’  keep it short and to the point, and make sure in your introduction you give them all other ways how to get in touch with you: social media sites, phone number etc..

After your introduction email you can send regular promotional emails to get them to come back through your doors. Inform your customers of new promotions, stock, or events that are coming up. These emails should have the effect of keeping the good impression of your business fresh in their mind and encourage them to come back.

Social Media: I know a lot of people who check their Instagram / Facebook more often then their email, so on top of your basic mailing list get make sure your business is available on all channels of social media. When a new customer makes a purchase give them a card with all your information. Let them know you have promotions on your Facebook page, or if they tag your store / product in an Instagram post they can bring it in for a discount or free gift of some kind.

Content creation for your social media platforms: Like with your introduction and promotional emails, posts in social media need to be engaging and interesting on different levels. Vary your content into these categories:

Brand / business vision: Share your company’s philosophy. Write about your company and product a little bit, it makes for a great introductory post sharing the mission and causes you believe in. This allows customers to understand who you are, and learn about what you do as a company. This should never be the only focus of your posts though, since it’s becomes repetitive and your audience will lose interest.

Educational information: This is information or news about your niche or market that you’re in, a wider discussion not only about your product but the lifestyle that it fits into. If you are a specialty clothing store you can write blogs about all areas of fashion.

Repost relevant or entertaining content: if you find an article relating to your field that is interesting or fun, reposting it on your social media page is a great way to keep people engaged with your company. This can be articles about the brands you offer, or photos or videos with people wearing similar styles that you carry. Your audience will associate you with your posts, so this can really help construct an identity for your company, and give a visualization of your brand.

Customer stories, photos: Encourage your customers to take photos with your product or share their good experiences on their own pages or on yours. You can offer promotions if they bring in a photo of them on social media with your product – it’s a great way to spread awareness of your brand.

Snail Mail: If your customer base is small you can send out hand written thank you notes to your new customers. This may seem like a lot of work, but receiving a physical note in the mail is special, and will really set you apart from your competition. A simple ‘thank your for coming by, and Happy New Year!’ will firmly place you in their minds.

It’s important to reach out to your new seasonal shoppers – this is how you build a solid base of loyal returning customers. Keep nurturing your relationships and it will pay off the whole New Year ahead.

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