Welcome to the Sarinas Community

You have helped us grow so much over the past few years into this wonderful diverse community of fashion lovers, we are grateful! This community includes you, our clients from all over the world that run small businesses to large online companies, our suppliers, shippers, and the communities that we operate in in the US, Bulgaria and Panama.

This is why we decided to start this blog, to have a place where we could regularly come together to share ideas, stories, helpful hints, and maybe lessons we’ve learned along the way (…maybe the hard way 😉 ) that could help each other grow in the fashion industry. The goal is to start discussions that will positively impact your business, and to help us learn more about you, to better anticipate your needs.

Fashion is what connects us here, our love of fabrics, brands, shapes and colors that are exciting and inspiring, and motivate us to make our businesses better. I love being in a business where I am truly passionate about the products that we bring in and offer to our clients. Being in the luxury brands category means that we have happy final customers that are pleased with the quality of the product that arrives at their door. I can’t wait to get this blog underway!

If you would like to learn more about us as a company, our brands and categories etc., you could check out our website sarinas.com, or check out our presentation https://sarinas.net/support/presentation?lang=english

If you would like to become a client or a vendor or have questions, send us an email at sales@sarinas.com or call us at 212-324-0150.

We also love meeting with you! We can set up meetings at any of our locations, or yours, and we regularly attend fashion shows 🙂

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